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June 28, 2010

Desktop Shell Replacement : Windows

June 28, 2010 Posted by tj cool 2 comments
After using Windows all those years i feed with look and feel given by the windows.So i come out and start goooling.......and find those good replacements.....But Before that what is shell...

What is Shell ?
The Windows shell is the main graphical user interface in Microsoft Windows. The Windows shell includes well-known Windows components such as the Taskbar and the Start menu. The process that hosts the Windows shell is Explorer.exe. The Windows shell is not a "shell" in the usual sense of the term, and the word here is used more generally.


Cairo Shell (Nice):Cairo

Sharp E (Nice):SharpE

KDE (Good) :KDE

Emerge Desktop (Good):Emerge Desktop

GeoShell (Good):GeoShell

Secure Desktop 7 (good) :Secure Desktop 7
litestep (Good):LiteStep



Talisman Desktop(Nice):Talisman

Object Desktop (Nice):Object Desk