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June 25, 2010

Sms Development Tools

June 25, 2010 Posted by tjcool 1 comment
3G Lab
Alligata is the world's first professionally supported Open Source WAP and SMS Gateway for the mass commercial market.
Text messaging and pager software for cell phones and pagers.

ANAM deliver an Enterprise Wireless Internet product that is specifically designed for Windows NT and 2000 server platforms. The WirelessWindow product includes a combined WAP 1.1 and SMS gateway and boasts an excellent price/performance metric.

Manufacturer of remote SMS controller/monitor devices for use in security, access control, home automation and industrial control applications.

Giving you the ability to route messages between the PCs and legacy systems in your office and all GSM phones. You can also send messages to most pagers. SMS to and from Orange, Vodafone, Cellnet, One2One and all GSM systems.

bmd wireless
The Wireless Application Messaging Server (WAMS) is the most widely deployed cross network SMS platform that enables any mobile user from any wireless network in the world to reach an application or service.

Messenger-PRO, SMS Gateway for bulk SMS and global SMSC, EMAIL to SMS, Communicator, more...
Free guide to marketing through SMS. Since getting the most out of SMS as a communications medium can be a challenge, we have put together a guide to assist you with Marketing using SMS! This easy to read guide includes an introduction to SMS as a messaging protocol and also covers messaging, features of SMS, principals of marketing and much more.

The Comverse Mobile Internet Division supplies service-enabling platforms for wireless data solutions plus value-added services designed to nurture customer loyalty and increase revenues. Sharing the stage with our flagship product, the Intelligent Short Message Service Center (ISMSC), are the InfoPeeler™ wireless portal and the CellCaster™ cell broadcast center.

Deltica's SMS Gateway Service allows you to send SMS messages (supports OTAP to Nokia 7110) from your webserver or email software to mobile telephones anywhere in the world. Per-message pricing - no setup costs.

DeSoft Pager and SMS Wireless Text Messaging Software. SMS Centre is a 32bit (Windows® 95/98/NT4/2000/XP) client for sending SMS Messages to a mobile phone on any of the four major UK Network networks or SMS/Paging Messages to any worldwide network whose dial in service centre supports the TAP or UCP protocols. A component for software development called SMS Messenger ActiveX DLL is also available and can be used for integrating existing systems with alphanumeric text messaging using a modem (including Bluetooth modems). 30 Day Trial versions of all software are freely available for download.

Dialogue Communications
Content delivery over SMS and WAP, Wireless email (SMS, WAP and GPRS), Multimedia messaging.

Digital Mobility
Wireless Cube ´plug and play´ wireless SMS messaging and WAP Gateway solution.The Wireless Cube supports a powerful family of SMS messaging and WAP services, enabling organisations to roll out wireless messaging extensions to their own corporate networks quickly, efficiently and economically.
Dynamical Systems Research
SMS Gate SMSgate Servers, SMSmail Psion Software

Simple utility to automatically collect email and forward some details to a mobile phone via SMS

eMood Messenger is the first EMS/SMS messenger for Palm OS.
- Send and receive EMS/SMS messages: formatted text messages with pictures, animations and melodies
- EMS over Bluetooth on your Palm today and it works!
- Support any interface available on Palm device: Serial connection, Infrared
or Bluetooth - Exchange messages with GSM EMS/SMS mobile phones and other palm devices
- Communicate with most of the GSM phones as Ericson, Nokia, Siemens,
Download the demo version

Empower Interactive Group
SMS Gateway A high capacity corporate to carrier grade IT solution for complete SMS messaging functionality.

EverMore Technology
Solutions for GPS-enabled location-aware devices.
Chipsets and modules suitable for a variety of GPS applications such as car navigation, vehicle locating, fleet management, and time reference for telecom systems.

SMS-Server Suite - reliable high performance SMS - Gateway
API in Perl, Java, C, Distributed Design, Posix Compatible, Support Linux, Inbound SMS

Exomi provides carrier-grade wireless gateway solutions for WAP, SMS and wireless email access. SMS Gateway, Wireless Mail Solution, WAP Gateway, WAP Push Proxy Gateway.

First Hop
Message Gateway - a carrier grade high performance SMS Gateway supporting all SMSC protocols approved by ETSI.

GEI Hamon Systems
Tools include: Auto Document Converter, Corporate tools, SMS E-mail, System Administration and Microsoft Outlook Sync Manager.

GPA Technologies
SMS Gateway is a 32 Bit Windows utility that enables you to send and receive text and binary "Short Messages" over GSM digital cellular telephone networks.
iPlanet (Sun-Netscape) iPlanet Portal Server, Mobile Access Pack 3.0. Makes portal content available to mobile users from any computing device. The Mobile Access Pack enables users to access the full array of personalized content and services provided by the iPlanet Portal Server, which might include: E-mail, Calendar, Address Book, News, Stock Quotes, Weather and other content, Location-based services, Short Message Service (SMS), Enterprise Information and Applications

Open Source SMS gateway

Kuulalaakeri SMS-gateway
Kuulalaakeri QLA Messaging Server is powerful application platform for operators and service providers. QLA Messaging Server supports Nokia CIMD, CMG EMI, Logica SMPP and Sema SMS2000 -protocols. Easy API (HTTP) offers fast way to develop one and two-way SMS-services with text, binary (logos and ringing tones), unicode and EMS-content.

Jataayu Software
SMS Gateway. Short Messaging Capability in the Shortest time.
Lister Technologies
Lister Smart SMS is a Client Server Product that Sends SMS into the GSM network Using a Nokia 5110 Cell Phone. You can load the Client Software on multiple desktops, connect to the server and send SMS messages.
Lucent Communications Software
Short Message Service Center Solutions

A filter that converts a (large) mail to a tiny text with contents from the mail
Mark/Space Softworks

ThunderSMS™ Send component sends text SMS messages to any SMS compatible phone. It can be used with all popular Windows programming languages including C++, Visual Basic, or ASP. Sample Visual Basic and ASP program code is included.

SMS Wireless Messaging service to send SMS to any mobile phone around the world. Can also receive a customer SMS and immediately respond on your behalf.
mZone Mobile Commerce Server for WAP, i-mode and SMS.

Alphanumeric Paging & Wireless Messaging Software.
NotePage's software products are designed to work with alphanumeric pagers, numeric pagers, PCS, cellular and digital phones, PCMCIA pager cards, billboards and other paging devices. Includes NotePager, PageGate, WebGate.

jSMS is a Java API that gives you the power to enhance your Java Applications with the ability to send and receive Short Messages (SMS). jSMS supports Nokias SmartMessaging Specification, allowing you not only to send plain-text messages but also Business Cards, Ringtones and Picture messages. Messages may be sent and received by using any GSM Device capable of sending SMS messages. The Communication with the GSM Device may take place through a serial interface (RS232) or by using a Terminal Server connected to the GSM device and reachable by TCP/IP from your Application Server. The jSMS API has been designed with a modular architecture in focus. This allows an easy integration of other SMS cabable facilities.

mobileMAGIC is a server-based software platform providing developers with a tool to develop and connect their applications to their customers on a wide variety of wireless networks, infrastructure and terminal equipment.

Peramon Technology
theMOBILIZER is the world's most comprehensive mobile Internet platform and consists of a complete set of mobile data access applications and infrastructure products based on SMS, WAP and VoiceXML technologies. theMOBILIZER gives employees secure access to their personal and business applications to feed their working lifestyles irrespective of the mobile device they choose to use.

PSWinCom Component Suite is a flexible ActiveX tool for integrating SMS (GSM) and paging support into your applications.

ActiveSMS - Send and receive SMS messages using our ActiveX component or Native Delphi VCL.

A simple SMS interface programs for GSM devices

Email to SMS gateway. Send individual or bulk SMS internationally from any email client with no extra client-side software required. One account can have multiple email addresses, with quotas. Web interface also available.

Simplewire is a wireless messaging infrastructure and software provider. Its unique platform and accompanying tools ease the process of creating wireless applications for businesses, telecommunications carriers, and software developers. The Simplewire Wireless Messaging Network currently supports over 300 networks in 118 countries. Its SMS Software Development Kit seamlessly integrates into applications of all types, while its Wireless Message Protocol Server provides the ideal foundation for a full spectrum of customizable solutions. Hence, Simplewire's comprehensive suite of products and services connects users in an array of industries to the global wireless world.

SMS Client
A client implementation for the Cellnet GSM Short Message Service centre using TAP

A client/server gateway to the SMS protocol (the short messages sent to mobile phones)

Software Scientific
Email to SMS summariser intelligently converts emails (or text) into SMS messages that are no longer than 160 characters. The meaning and intelligibility of the original message is preserved. It aggressively (and iteratively) compresses e-mails summaries using SMS short forms to maximise content whilst preserving clarity.

Developers of short messaging applications for 3G SMSC and SMS platform which enables subscriber access to both CDMA and 3G/UMTS network.
mobilePOST-S Intelligent Short Message Service Center with System Configuration, System Monitoring, System Events...
mobile POST-ST SMPP Development Kit for SMSC SMPP API library written in C.

A SMS delivery program which sends mails to GSM cellular phones as SMS text messages
Upside Wireless Inc
Upside develops mobile messaging solutions. Our flagship product, the Upside Wireless Information Server is a middleware application that collects information from various information sources and enables rule-based, two-way messaging with SMS. Our server side, Java based application is modular and easily customizable to enable development of business solutions for a variety of vertical markets. Upside licenses this technology to solutions developers.


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