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August 21, 2010

Easy Step To Create Professional Login Screen : C# / VB

August 21, 2010 Posted by tjcool 3 comments
Hi.... this is my second tutorial post in my blog where i am going to share how to create good looking login screen for C# VB using photoshop.To create login screen you need to know Photo shop.In fact very basic photoshop.If you don't no just follow my tutor.So lets start..
Part 1: Create login screen.
1.Start photoshop any version. In this tutor i am using Photoshop CS2.

2.Then Goto File --->New

3. Set Size Width:230 x Height:250.

4.Select background layer and double click it and box will popup.Click Ok.Select background layer hit delete.This is to make background transpa
rent. Goto Toolbox and select rectangle tool.Draw given play around with settings.I like this kind of logins so my screen look like this...

5.If you are not comfortable with settings then you can also download gradients from internet.I drawn rectangle with this gradient..

6.Next Then draw two small rectangle. for text boxes i.e Username and password.

7.Have some retouching to image.After retouching i got this.....

8.Goto File -->Save as and save as Filename.png.

Part 2:Using this in VB 2005/2008
1.Start new project in Vb/C#.

2.Goto Toolbox select background image.Select your newly created login screen to set it as background of form.

3.Now Heres tweak.Goto form property window and set background=Marron.Set the form borderstyle =None. Now in the
property window there's property named Transparency.Set transparency=Marron .Now goto toolbox -->textbox set property border =none draw textboxes exactly over the image rectangle boxes.

4.Thats it Run program...and Gotcha....

5. Hope this will help u ...

Note: User can download images and code from download section


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Very helpful! Thank you!
Though Blogger can't handle VB or C# can it?
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