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August 16, 2010

Folder Background Trick: Without Attrib Command

August 16, 2010 Posted by tjcool , , 1 comment
Couple of months ago i downloaded one website pack.Interesting fact was that when i open that folder it shows custom image background to folder. I know to how to change drive icon using autorun.ini files.To find out working of this trick i enabled view hidden files options and i got two files
  1. Desktop.ini
  2. Image background file
Some people might know this trick of Windows .But for some people this is a new trick.
Note:Dont use icons as icons will repeat itself.

Copy the following to notepad

iconarea_image="u r filename"

insert the path of your image after the icon area_image (with the quotations)



if the picture is in the same folder only the image name will do.
the 'icon area_text=0x00000000' will set the text color of the icons.
the last six numbers are the color in hex

000000 = black
FFFFFF = White
0000FF = blue

iconarea_text=0x00000000 this will set the text colour to black

iconarea_text=0x00000000 this will set the text colour to white

save the file as "Desktop.ini"

If this doesn't work then type this command

Syntax :Attrib +s "Folder path"

then close the folder and go to Start-Run
eg:- Attrib +s "E\Stargate"

If u want cool images then you can visit this website:



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thanx ..very cool...