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August 10, 2010

Magazines for Developers:

August 10, 2010 Posted by tjcool , No comments

This is not my list while surfing on net i found this list.I check out some of some sites and they are really very good..hope u people like it...
Digital Web Magazine: For industry-pertinent reviews, articles and interviews, check out Digital Web Magazine. They offer both daily news and weekly features.
Vitamin: Vitamin has a mix of resources for Web developers, designers and entrepreneurs. Development features weigh heavily on Web apps, while interviews
highlight industry leaders.
DevX: DevX's Web Development Zone offers articles on the latest in AJAX, Ruby and more. You'll also enjoy DevX's development tips and forum discussions.
Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability: Check out Alertbox's biweekly column for articles on usability, navigation and other issues for readers concerned with user-friendly Web development.
Wired: With intelligent thoughts on tech industry, conventions and even Martha Stewart, Wired is a must-read for any well-rounded Web developer.
Hiveminds Magazine: Hiveminds is a great resource for information on open source content management systems.
TechRepublic: With developer tips, whitepapers, Webcasts and insightful articles, TechRepublic is an outstanding resource for developers.
Ajaxian: Do you speak Ajaxian? Improve your fluency by reading this Ajax-centric publication.
UX Magazine: This magazine about user experience considers the psychology, strategy and design behind sites that are developed for users.
SitePoint: SitePoint's features encourage readers to think about the little but important things, from microformats to site planning and legal issues.
.net Magazine: .net's competitions, articles and podcasts are sure to be thought-provoking. Don't forget to check out their forums too.
Web Developer's Journal: Check out Web Developer's Journal for whitepapers, tips and features designed to please "propheads."
Center Networks: Stay on top of the latest Web-development news, interviews and insights with Center Networks.
Devlounge: Do you prefer a laid-back approach to development news and resources? Check out Devlounge to get your fix.
Modern Life: This magazine provides insight into statistics and trends in the world of Web development.
PHP5 Magazine: PHP5 is a valuable resource for developers who work in PHP. You'll find helpful book reviews and sharp articles.
Red Hat Magazine: Red Hat Linux users will appreciate the tips, news and features of this magazine.
Jax Magazine: This magazine reports on news and trends in Java, Apache and XML. You'll find a "fresh brew" every day.
Datamation: In addition to on-target articles, Datamation provides readers with scripts and "HTML goodies."
CoDe Magazine: CoDe is chock full of contests and valuable content for Web developers.

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