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September 25, 2012

Visual Studio 2005 Tips and Tricks

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For Fast Loading

Options-->Environment-->Start-up-->At Start up-->Select(Show Empty environment).
Options-->Windows Form Designer:General:Auto-populate-->False
Turn Off Animation
Options-->Environment-->Unchecked(Animate Environments Tool).
View Line numbers
Options-->Environment--->Select Text Editor-->Select the desired language(e.g: C#)-->display:check line numbers

Bored of editor look Want Cool Interface like this one :

Just Download the scheme from this site:Studio Styles -
Visual Studio color schemes
->then Goto Import and export Settings:-->Import Selected environment Settings-->Browse --->Select Scheme:Click Finish.

View hierarchy of HTML parent elements:

Tools->Option->HTML Designer->Display and selected the option for Show Details for non visible elements. This option also shows additional nonvisible elements(like DIV,span) in the designer.

Working in and want to Debug javascript :

simple write debugger where u want debug it .....

Increase your VS screen real estate by disabling HTML Navigation Bar
To-do this, just select the Tools->Options menu item within VS, navigate to the "Text Editor->HTML" node and uncheck the "Navigation Bar" checkbox option:

HTML Validation Checking in VS 2005 (and how to optionally turn it off if you want)
Tools->Options menu item in VS or Visual Web Developer. Select the TextEditor->Html->Validation tree option in the left-hand side of the options window, and uncheck the “Show Errors” checkbox:

and there are many more i will post it later .......