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October 10, 2012

Must Know Sites.

October 10, 2012 Posted by tjcool , No comments
Hello All,

This post is regarding the variety of powerful online options available to developers for development.I don't no how many of you have came across the situation like
1. I want to check this oops concept but i don't have compiler or
2. I want to run this jquery script or check css effect.
3. I want to create gradient using css .....
4. Online Photoshop editing 
 and many more.Actually i faced some of above mentioned problems and asked "Google Daddy" for help."Google Daddy" provided many options but i will refer you the following options.Many of these options are really worth to know.I am also trying to highlight benefits of using below sites. 

Tutorial Sites For Developers
I have seen many people visiting W3Schools for learn the basic things.But once they complete the basic part another round of goggling get started.So all you people who likes development and looking for some good resource site, then functionx is a good option.In function X you will find the most of the content related to Microsoft Technologies.So any beginner looking for tutorials related to Microsoft Technologies visit this site.

1. Good Content related to Microsoft Technologies like C#,Visual Basic,Ms Sql
2. Ready made developed projects with source are also provided and free of    cost to download
3. Good site for beginners as well for experience guys. 
Lacking in
1. I think site is lacking in web materials like creating web servies or css or jquery.
2.Site need to be redesign

W3schools is very good site for beginners to start learning.Best think i like about W3schools is the variety.You have Asp tutorial, Php, Javscript,Jquery,Sql.Also user have "Try It Yourself" option which is good option if user want to try something.
1.I would say this is very good site for beginners.
2.Variety of tutorials available.
3.Prepare new user for next level.
Lacking In
1.I think W3schools is lacking in the advance tutorial part.User will get the latest but not the advanced one.

C-Sharp Corner
Csharp corner is not a kind of above sites where user will find introductory tutorials.C Sharp corner is a site for user who have some development knowledge.In this site user will find the variety of tutorials like using speech Sdk or creating custom controls or working with share point or silverlight.
1.Great collection of tutorials of Microsoft technologies
2.Sign up up is easy
3.Covers almost all Microsoft technologies
Lacking In
1.only related to Microsoft Development

This is another very famous site among developers for tutorials and porjects source code.Again,"Codeproject" consists variety of tutorials from basic to advanced level along with source code.Best part about Codeproject is its has tutorials of different programming language.

1.Great collection of tutorials of Different technologies
2.Sign up up is easy